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8 Aug 2007

Plus-size fashion is even more exciting when it's affordable. You can mix and match simple styles, and fool everyone into thinking that your wardrobe is huge! Check out my interview with Mimi for extra advice on what's hot at her shop, as well as what she really believes looks good on 14+ bodies. (Hint: I completely agree with her, and I usually recommend this type of top, too.) 

Another super flattering piece to consider is this Delicious Chocolate Flutter Sleeve Dress from Mimi's ($24), which happens to be her favorite and mine, too.

Styles that flatter plus-size women are getting easier to find, but it’s not always easy to find looks that fit your budget, too. I met with Mimi of Mimi’s Curvy Corner to discuss what’s new on her site, which caters to plus-size divas with a strict budget.

Q: What’s new to Mimi’s Curvy Corner?

A: For fall, we’re focusing on colors […] for the change of seasons, like reds, greens, browns. . . I think [color] is so important in plus-size fashion. You don’t want a wardrobe of black.

Q: Which is one of your favorite pieces you’re offering for fall?

A: The Mimi’s Curvy Corner Delicious Chocolate brown dress is my favorite. […] If you put a cami on underneath, it doesn’t have to be so revealing, and wrap top styles are very flattering for plus-size women. 

Q: In general, what styles do you recommend for the plus-size woman?

A: In my opinion, something with an empire waist. It brings in the waist and creates a nice hourglass figure. I also love kimonos. We’re fortunate that they’re [in this season], because they’re really great to bring in the waist.

Q: What would you say generally doesn’t work for most plus-size women?

A: Generally speaking, anything without shape. You don’t want to look heavier, but anything that’s not fitted can do that. There are so many cuts that really flatter today.

Q: What changes have you seen in the plus-size market since you first launched your site in 2003?

A: Over time, our customers have gotten more daring. There were more of the conservative styles in 2003, but now we want to hug our curves more and show that we’re beautiful.

Q: To what age group would you say Mimi’s Curvy Corner caters?

A: We try to provide something for everybody. A large percentage of what we carry is what you would call “trendy,” but it depends on the woman who’s purchasing them—and her mood.

Q: What goals do you have for your website?

A: One of my short-term goals is to expand our lingerie line. We want to expand on extended sizes like 4, 5, and 6X, because there’s a market for it. In general, we want more variety and more style, because we want a little something for everyone.

We want to touch everyone’s life in a positive way, and bring confidence to those who are shopping with us.

Check out Mimi’s Curvy Corner today for their newest budget-friendly buys. Plus Size Fashion

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